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Benefitting Enterprise Through Collaboration

Large Scale Drupal is a strategic alliance that enables enterprises to collaborate on significant enhancements to Drupal through networking, knowledge sharing, funding, development, and engagement with the Drupal community.

LSD Program benefits Include:

Monthly events - networking & education series

  • Q&A with Drupal leadership
  • Presentations by business and technology leaders - your peers 
  • Subject Mater Expert Series - Members pick topics, we get the leading experts 
  • Product previews - have you seen this amazing software... 

Collaborative projects - work with your peers and the Drupal Community; fund shared needs 

  • Peer to Peer Collaborations
  • Foster Community engagement 
  • Sponsoring 3rd party Drupal initiatives and projects
  • Co-fund & jointly develop projects and initiatives

Quarterly conferences

  • Co-located with larger Drupal and related events (DrupalCon)
  • Meet and learn from your peers
  • Meet and engage the leading Drupal experts
  • Q&A With Drupal Community leadership
  • LSD Program updates and announcements  

Contact us for more details...