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Large Scale Drupal Projects

Large Scale Drupal Collaborative Project Directive

Our primary goal is to deliver on collaborative projects that address enterprise needs in Drupal. We have structured this collaboration around a project and several "strategic areas of investment" to channel our efforts into appropriate business needs.

The Content Staging Initiative (CSI)

The first LSD project was to develop a system for staging content in context with the rest of the Drupal site. This replaces Drupal's preview capabilities for individual pieces of content with the ability to preview, or stage, multiple pieces of content. Content staging, in this context, refers to the ability to view a site’s content in context of a future publication date (sheduled publications) and a collection (user-defined tag). This means that a user can stage content by setting the site to be as of a certain date or collection. After those variables are selected a user can browse the site normally as if that content was live on the site. No other users are able to veiw future content or tagged content because it remains unpublished.

You can see the results at the CSI project page.

Strategic Areas of Investment

Content Authoring

Improved authoring experience: true wysiwyg previews, in-place (contextual) editing of content, enhanced media support, management of content, etc.


Everything from robust SDKs for native apps on iOS and Android, sample apps and documentation, to responsive design for front-end and back-end (admin) tools for mobile browsing and authoring (anon and auth), enhanced media support (e.g. image cropping)

Performance and Scalability

Making Drupal faster & more cost effective to scale and run


Making sure you don’t get hacked or cracked (and then sacked...)


Extension of agile: improved collaboration between dev, qa, ops, etc. Reliable software releases through test, and deployment automation