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AGENDA: LSD @ DrupalCon Portland - May 20 2013

The Q2 Large Scale Drupal Meeting will be held on Monday, May 20th 2013 from 1:00pm - 6:00pm PDT at the Oregon Convention Center. Below is the tentative meeting agenda, subject to change. This page will be updated in the coming weeks and a final agenda will be sent to all registered attendees the week prior to the event.


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  • 12:45pm PDT - Registration - please arrive by 12:45pm to register so that we can start promptly at 1pm
  • 1pm PDT - Welcome and Introduction
    • Dries Buytaert - Acquia Founder & CTO and Drupal Project Lead
    • Michael Meyers - Vice President, Large Scale Drupal, Acquia's Office of the CTO
  • 1:40pm PDT - Fostering Collaboration Across an Enterprise
    • Rob Gill - Vice President, Media Products at NBCUniversal, Inc.
  • 2:00pm PDT - 15 min. Break - Coffee and Networking
  • 2:15pm PDT - Symfony and Drupal 8
    • Fabien Potencier - Founder of Sensio Labs and the Founder of the Symfony project
  • 2:40pm PDT - Bite Sized Contributions - Drupal Community Engagement
    • Ezra Barnett Glidesgame - Leader of the Drupal Distributions Team at Acquia
  • 3:00pm PDT - Drupal 8 Update, Lightning talks by Drupal 8 Initiative Owners followed by a Q&A
    • Mobile Initiative: John Albin Wilkins - Senior Front End Developer,
    • Web Configuration Management Initiative: Greg Dunlap - Senior Architect, Lullabot
    • Web Services Initiative: Larry Garfield - Senior Web Architect,
    • Views in Drupal Core Initiative: Jess M. (xjm) - Code and Community Strategist, Acquia's Office of the CTO
    • Core Co-maintainer: Alex Pott - Independent Consultant
  • 3:45pm PDT - 15 min. Break - Coffee and Networking
  • 4:00pm PDT - Strategy Sessions: Small Group Discussions Facilitated by Community Leaders
    Community leaders in each topic area will lead small breakout group discussions on best practices, how your organizations are driving success and addressing the challenges within specific areas, and how we can work together to improve features, functionality, methodologies, etc. moving forward. When you RSVP - please register your top preference for the group you would like to attend. Note: Participation in each group is limited, and members are given preference:
    • Symfony and Drupal - Fabien Potencier, Founder of Sensio Labs and the Founder of the Symfony project
    • Drupal Migrations - Moshe Weitzman - Director of R&D at Acquia's Office of the CTO, and author of Migrate Module
    • Translation and Localization - Gábor Hojtsy - Senior Software Engineer, Acquia's Office of the CTO, and Drupal Multilingual Initiative Owner
    • Content Authoring and Usability (Spark)
      • Wim Leers - Senior Software Engineer, Acquia's Office of the CTO
      • Terrence (Kevin) O'Leary - UX Lead, Acquia's Office of the CTO
    • Content Staging - Frank Febbraro, Founder and CTO, Phase2
    • Automated Testing and QA - Melissa Anderson - Independent Consultant, Behavior Driven Development (BDD) Module Maintainer
  • 5pm to 6pm PDT - Networking and Drinks



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