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Behavior Driven Development - Prototypes & Tooling

Over the last 2 years, the LSD Program has made a substantial investment in Behavior Driven Development (BDD), educating our members on the methodologies and practices behind BDD through webinars and talks at our conferences, funding and helping to integrate BDD automation tools with Drupal, and promoting best practices and shared learnings to help organizations improve their software development processes.


“After the decision to move our websites onto Drupal, adopting Behavior Driven Development has been one of the best decisions we’ve made for our organization in years.” ... Paul Lomax - CTO, Dennis Publishing


In our May 2014 LSD webinar, we’ll briefly recap the benefits and practices of BDD through a brief overview and then focus on the tooling that enables automation. We’ll present our recommendations on the best tools for achieving automated quality assurance and testing with BDD for Drupal, demo some really exciting open source prototypes and projects built over the last few months by LSD Partners and Members, and release a preview draft of our upcoming LSD BDD Guide to help you get up and running faster (and get your input and feedback prior to the public release).


Date & Time: May 15, 2014 @ 12:00 PM EDT
Speakers: Melissa Anderson - BDD Trainer & Consultant
  Hugh Fidgen - Engineering Lead, Pfizer
  Stephen Graham - Technical Account Manager, Acquia
  Steve Power - Architect, Appnovation Technologies
  Nate Swart - Technical Consultant, Acquia
  Joe Turgeon - Software Architect, Phase2 Technology
Agenda: + Welcome & Introductions
  + Introduction/Overview of BDD
  + BDD Automation & Tooling
  + LSD Prototypes & Projects:
  ++ BDD use-case editor
  ++ Test Driven Development with BDD
  ++ Assembling & Distributing virtual dev environments with BDD
  + BDD Guide
  + Question & Answer