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Benefitting Enterprise Through Collaboration

Large Scale Drupal is a strategic alliance that enables organizations using Drupal to collaborate on significant enhancements to Drupal through networking, knowledge sharing, funding, development, and engagement with the Drupal community.


Open Source means open roadmaps - Large Scale Drupal (LSD) Members meet regularly to discuss and collaborate on common problems - we provide a forum for enterprise users, listen to their needs, prioritize them as a group, and then figure out a proper way to address those needs through knowledge sharing, white papers, training and collaborative development projects.


LSD enables our Member organizations to engage with and participate in the Drupal community giving them input into and insight on the future of the platform, helps them forge relationships with key community leaders and developers as well as their peers at other leading organizations running Drupal.


For more information about the LSD Program, see the blog post by Dries announcing the Program, or our Drupal WatchDog Magazine article.


LSD Program benefits Include:

Quarterly Member Meetings

  • Co-located with larger Drupal and related events (e.g. DrupalCon)
  • Meet and learn from your peers
  • Meet and engage the leading Drupal experts
  • Q&A With Drupal Community leadership
  • LSD Program updates and announcements

Monthly events - networking & education series

  • Q&A with Drupal leadership
  • Presentations by business and technology leaders - your peers
  • Subject Matter Expert Series - Members pick topics, we get the leading experts
  • Product previews - have you seen this amazing software... 

Collaborative projects - work with your peers and the Drupal Community; fund shared needs 

  • Co-fund & jointly develop projects and initiatives
  • Sponsoring 3rd party and Drupal Community initiatives and projects
  • Foster Community engagement
  • Peer to Peer Collaborations
  • Learn about the latest methodologies and tools powering Drupal development - one of the most successful open source technologies in the world.

Contact us for more details...